• Sep. 8-9, 2023 Pre-ICMM Symposium (Guangzhou)
    Topic: Emerging Research on Molecule-Based Magnets: from Theory to Experiment 
    Organizer: Prof. Ming-Liang Tong (Sun Yat-Sen University)

    The meeting webpage: https://ce.sysu.edu.cn/PreICMM2023/


  • Sep. 15-16, 2023 Post-ICMM Symposium (Tianjin)
    Topic: Multifunctional Molecule-Based Materials
    Organizer: Prof. Peng Cheng (Nankai University)


  • Sep. 10, 2023 Rising Star Symposium of ICMM (Nanjing)

    All speakers of the Rising Star Symposium are invited only. All ICMM participants are welcome to join the Rising Star Symposium without any additional fee. To all the invited speakers of the Rising Star Symposium, please first register for the ICMM conference using the following link. Once you have completed your registration, please select the "Rising Star" option in the abstract submission section.


    Rising Star Lectures

    Magdalena Fitta – Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    “From Thin Films Deposition to Nanocomposite Fabrication of Bistable Coordination Polymers”

    Marcus J. Giansiracusa – University of Melbourne, Australia
    “Magnetoelastic Coupling in a Candidate Qubit Molecule”

    Gemma Gransbury – The University of Manchester, UK
    “Two-Coordinate Dysprosium SMMs”

    Zhao-Yang Li – Nankai University, China
   “Synergy Effect in Bifunctional Molecular Magnetic Materials”

    Jun-Jie Liu – University of Oxford, UK
    “Coherent Spin-Electric Coupling in Molecular Nanomagnets”

    Samuel Mañas-Valero – University of Valencia, Spain
    “Tailoring 2D Materials with Spin-Crossover Metal-Organic Frameworks”

    Yin-Shan Meng – Dalian University of Technology, China
    “Simultaneous Photo-Induced Magnetic and Dielectric Switching in Fe-Based Coordination Polymers”

    Yoshihiro Sekine – Kumamoto University, Japan
    “Complete Phase Transition Induced by Hydrogen Bonding Formation Based on Cyanide-  Bridged Metal         Complexes”

    Masanori Wakizaka – Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    “Creation of Quantum Spin System Doped in Metal-Organic Frameworks”

    Qing-Yun Wan – The University of Hong Kong, China
    “Magnetic Molecular Heterostructures”

    Shi-Yong Wang – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    “Quantum Nanomagnets in On-Surface Porphyrin Chains”

    Zhong-Yue Zhang – Kumamoto University, Japan
    “Strongly Correlated Phenomena in Two Dimensional Conjugated Metal Organic Frameworks”