Program Table

ICMM2023 Program Table.PDF

ICMM2023 Program-Lite.PDF

On-site registration and Rising Star Symposium start on Sunday, Sep. 10th. All participants are welcome to the reception ceremony for free. The main program commences with the Kahn Lecture at 8:30 AM on Monday, Sep. 11th. 

Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations: It is strongly recommended that all Oral presentations are uploaded onto the congress computers in the Presentation Uploading Area (located on the 5th Floor) at least one day before your presentation. Times: 40 mins for Kahn and Plenary, 30 mins for Keynote, 25 mins for Invited and Rising Star Symposium, 20 mins for Oral, and 5 mins for Flash Oral.

Poster presentations: The poster size should be smaller than 95 cm wide × 125 cm height. Each poster is assigned a number (see "Poster Program") and should be displayed at the designed place. Double-faced adhesive taps are provided on-site. Posters will be displayed in the hallway and corridor of the 5th Floor outside Nanjing Hall. Posters should be mounted before 18:00, Monday, September 11th, and remain in place during the entire conference period until noon, Thursday, September 14th.

Poster Awards

Winners of poster presentations will be recognized in the Closing Ceremony (16:00-16:30, Thursday, September 14th, Nanjing Hall).